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What is Boost-Osiris Platform?

   The is an Open Social platform for the participation management of various initiatives at the territory of Western Greece. The platform is a useful tool for the Region of Western Greece on the axes of Open Cultural Data and Open Social Innovation and is a case of re-use and adoption of good practices. It is an initiative aimed at promoting cultural and social innovation events and actions in the region. Boost platform is created in the framework of OSIRIS project and its pilot action “BOOST - Boost Open Data usage at the Region of Western Greece”, by including two modules:

1) Open Social Innovation

2) Open Cultural Data


What is Boost pilot action?

   “Boost Open Data usage at the Region of Western Greece” is a pilot action in the framework of OSIRIS project. Pilot actions are implementation-related activities dedicated to testing a new approach. This usually refers to the transfer of existing practices between partner regions. With this pilot, CTI creates a local platform for collecting and managing data related to public events, workshops and social innovation events by reusing the OpenAgenda (a platform for the participation management of various initiatives at the territory of Trento) microservice.


What is Osiris project?

   The OSIRIS project is an interregional European project which aims to promote Open Social Innovation by working in a pan-European environment, where new regional policies will be tested and implemented for the development of collaborative and regional systems and systems. The project focuses on the study and exchange of good practices and experiences already implemented in the participating regions, emerging from regional projects and other initiatives, contributing to innovation and regional development and proven and recognized as good practices. The OSIRIS-project improves design, rapid delivery and implementation of open and social innovation policies and action plans.


What is Open Social Innovation?

   OSI (Open Social Innovation) module is the window of interaction between society and innovation producers. It facilitates interaction of research & innovation with citizen and society in order to develop new competitive products & services. OSI triggers social spirit in researchers how to focus their research in societal needs which means more marketable results. OSI module will present related events, methods and tools of innovative research products & services, applied research results, ideas and concepts of OSI policy makers and innovation & startup ecosystem key players. It will include a knowledge base with issues concerning technology transfer, knowledge management, intellectual property rights, and innovative ideas. OSI module collaborated with Patras IQ, an annual research know-how transfer event, organized every year since 2011, aiming at strengthening the cooperation between the research community & the productive sector.


What are the benefits of an Open Data platform like Boost?

   Boost platform is part of an effort which aspires to create a better informed public, enhance customer service, improve efficiencies and obtain value added benefits back from the community. At the area of Patras and all of Western Greece, a vast amount of events is organized during the whole year with the participation of many locals and visitors. This brings out the need for standardizing the handling of data and information, exploiting, adapting and adopting open data initiatives regarding innovation, R&D, scientific & cultural events. A platform like this will enable the collection and presentation of a large number of local /regional events, offering them to European citizens through a simple and usable interface from any electronic device (pc, tablet, smartphone, etc.).


What about Open Data?

   The data related to events and associations managed by the website are available with a compatible license for the Opendata.

Open Data (or open data) refers to the various types of data sets that can be expressed and stored in digital formats.

Open data are data that have the following characteristics:

  • They are available under the terms of a license that allows their use by anyone, even for commercial purposes, in a disaggregated format;
  • They are accessible through information and communication technologies, including public and private telematic networks, in open formats, are suitable for automatic use by computer programs and are provided with the related metadata;
  • They are made available free of charge through information and communication technologies, including public and private telematic networks, or they are made available at the marginal costs incurred for their reproduction and dissemination.

   So these are data that can be freely downloaded and reused for commercial purposes. These data are published for public, private or commercial operators, researchers, analysts, civil society organizations and for anyone who needs this type of data to be used in their activities.

   All data contained in this thematic area of the site are released in open formats and through the "Creative Commons" licensing system.

   The Creative Commons is licensed and internationally recognized standards such as the required licenses for open data management. In particular, the data are released with the "Creative Commons Attribution" (CC-BY) license which allows the use of the data without any restrictions, except for the citation of the source, in the case of CC-BY.


What is an event?

   By event, we mean a single appointment addressed to citizens or a part of them. An event can be described as a public assembly for education, public information, marketing, entertainment. Events can be classified based on their size, type and context. An event can be a social/cultural event, education and career event, entertainment event, corporate event, R&D event, social innovation event. 


What events can I find on Boost platform?

   Mainly, events organized in the Region of Western Greece, but also other parts of the country. Furthermore collects all the cultural events, other actions in the wider area, social innovation events and R&D events.

   It is possible to publish, by way of example and not exhaustively exhibitions and inaugurations, shows, concerts, conferences, meetings and conferences, workshops, festivals, book presentations, cinema / films, sporting, recreational, scientific actions, recreational and technological initiatives and events (eg Hackathon, etc.).


Why should I register in the platform?

   The platform allows to any organization to collect and present their events and activities for free by simply creating a profile account, through a simple and usable website.  The Boost platform focuses on events, activities, research results achieved, technological initiatives and events, social needs for innovation as well as cultural events, information and data that you have free access to.