Terms of Use

Terms of use

The "Boost-Osiris" service is an initiative of CTI - Computer Technology Institute and Press "Diophantus" aimed at promoting initiatives and events - cultural and recreational - and local associations in the.

To participate, the associations based in the Region of Western Greece can register on the website  www.boost-osiris.eu  and in case of need, contact CTI - Computer Technology Institute and Press "Diophantus"at the following e-mail address: info.cti@cti.gr 

Object and definitions

  1. These terms of use regulate and regulate the use of the "Boost-Osiris” platform by the User, as well as the responsibilities of the latter in relation to the use of the aforementioned platform.
  2. The term "Boost-Osiris" means an electronic platform through which agencies, organizations, single users make the Internet communication and event promotion service available throughout Western Greece and who can publish their initiatives for free.
  3. "Association" means the registered legal person who sends events to the "Boost-Osiris” platform.
  4. By "Moderator" is meant the team of CTI - Computer Technology Institute and Press "Diophantus" to whom the events are addressed and to whom the eventual taking charge and publication of the events is responsible.

Event forwarding activities 

  1. The "event forwarding activity" by the Association can be enriched by sending photographs electronically and inserting comments in compliance with the privacy legislation.
  2. The "event forwarding activity" must exclusively concern initiatives and events deemed relevant by the modules of "Boost-Osiris”  .
  3. With the "event forwarding activity" the Association declares to be the owner of any rights that may be connected to them (by way of example and not limited to: photographs).
  4. In any case, the publication or elimination of events within the "Boost-Osiris” platform are, for the reasons indicated above, left to the evaluation of CTI - Computer Technology Institute and Press "Diophantus", which may also take place on a sample basis.
  5. Anyone, after registration, can send comments on events. Comments will not be answered by the System Administrator. The System Administrator may also delete the comment from the platform if it could infringe the rights of third parties or otherwise conflict with the correctness rules.